As the rapid growth of population, the global community faces incredible challenge from energy consumption, the environment and health. Industrial catalysis not only plays a key role on reducing the raw materials and energy consumption, but also on the environmental pollutants control. However, Inevitable use of precious metal makes the prices of catalysts staying at a high level. Reducing the price of catalysts through reducing usage of precious metal as well as reserve its activities is a key technical challenge and economical concern in catalysts industry.

3D Nano-array catalysts invented in University of Connecticut provide a potential solution on reducing the usage of precious metals and critical materials in catalysts. 3D- Nano-array based structured catalysts provide some new opportunities for the structured catalysts: 1) enhance the mechanical stability due to the improved adhesion between direct grown nano-array catalysts and substrate; 2) improve the thermal stability by reducing materials aggregation and surface area loss induced by high temperature sintering; 3) tune the catalytic efficiency through morphology, shape and crystalline modification.

Through using our game changer 3D nano-array catalysts technology, 3DAT aims to supply monolithic catalysts with 30% lower price of state-of-art monolithic catalysts used in catalytic converter with the same or even improved performance. With the patented process, we in-situ fabricate the high efficiency nano-catalysts on the converter device, the technology not only can decrease the price but also improve the lifetime of catalytic converter for 20%.

3D Array Tech is developing Low-temperature Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to meet the emission control target for Diesel engine.

3D Array Tech is still in the R&D stage, and we just passed the proof of concept stage. We are working on the first prototype product for LNT catalsyts. We are expecting to get the first prototype and finish the catalytic performance test in this year.